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Where it all began to where we are now!

After dipping in and out of floristry for 15 years Gillian decided she would open a shop.  Well it was actually a shed built by friends at the back of shops in Lochwinnoch which is where the name "The Quirky Florist" comes from due to the "Quirky" establishment! in 2012.  It soon became apparent that Gillians style was a little quirky too, loving lots of luscious greenery, barking branches and fantastic florals, an electic, creating large and wild bouquets to make at statement with!  As time passed the business evolved resulting in 2 actual shops (not sheds) in Lochwinnoch and Glasgow and a team of 7 working on weddings and funerals all over the west of Scotland as well as flowers for special occasions.  Although thriving Gillian wanted to scale back and work more on the floristry side and less on the business side of things as well as have some family time out.  This is where we are now and in our shop in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire.  An amazing little village full of amazing friendly people, new and old houses sitting harmoniously together and where community still exists.  Finding new customers as well as "old" customers (as in how long we have served them, not thier actual age) We are loving making flowers that make people say "wow" since last year we have had an amazing Christmas, Valentines and Mother's Day and looking forward to meeting all the lovely brides & grooms inviting us to participate in thier special day.  As always we are humbled to have been part of final goodbyes to lost loved ones and will continue to offer an excellent service for all!  Thankyou for taking the time to read about us and hope to be assisting you on your next floral ambition!

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